We’re Making Progress!!!

I wearily trudged towards the elevator of the Mission HQ building and selected the floor for the command center. It has been another long day at work, and to be honest, I just wanted to vege out with YouTube or simply go to bed. I knew, however, that Operation Redemption phase II hung in the balance. If I didn’t get through editing, the characters would never get to see the light of day.

The elevator dinged and the doors slowly slid open. As I stepped out my mind mulled over all the things I needed to work on. Due to a malfunction in the imagination transport during phase I of Operation Redemption, some very important pieces of historical and cultural details were absent. The timeline was also in shambles, having been pushed through the space/time relatively condenser which had never been uninstalled after Operation Flame. Further glitches in the transport had included severe damage to a few of the character development modules, and a leak in the airlock which had allowed the 21st century to seep in during the mission. All of these issues would need to be rectified before the official release. And I had just discovered some defects in the Kindle file for TAT which needed addressed.

I sighed as I used my keycard to unlock the Mission HQ office. It was gonna be a long haul, that was for sure.

“Afternoon, boss!” Max’s cheery voice sounded as I pushed open the door. “Good to see you up here again!”

“And we’ve got good news too, commander,” Nate chimes in. “We’ve been making progress on the notes from your editor. I’m actually hopeful we’ll be able to turn things around.”

“You’ve been… working on the edits?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes sir,” Max replied confidently. “We kinda got inspired by the release of Children of the Angels.”

“I hope there’s no problem with that,” Levi said a bit hesitantly. “I mean, you didn’t give us any orders to go ahead…”

“No, no, I’m actually quite thrilled!” I replied with a grin. “Now I can work on updating the kindle file of TAT while you men take this on.”

“Actually, sir,” Allen interjected, “I took a look at those documents and made the necessary changes. Max said he uploaded it to kdp already.”

“You seem to be running this place just fine without me,” I laughed. “Well, if that’s the case, I guess I can go help my sister get her kindle version of her book worked out.”

“Great idea, sir,” Nate flashed a smile. “After all, it is an immense honor to be part of helping publish the best book of the decade.”

“You might want to take an umbrella, though,” Max advised. “Looks like the first real brainstorm we’ve had in months is being out there, and it looks about ready to burst out.”

If you don’t understand Mission HQ jargon, here’s what that post said:

1. We’ve got a lot of editing to do to the Minstrel, but we’ve been making super progress and I actually feel optimistic about it again.

2. Through All Things had some formatting issues with the kindle version, but I believe we got those fixed so the online version should be easier to deal with. (Unfortunately no changes have been made to the plot, so dead characters are still dead.)

3. The kindle version of Children of the Angels has been released!!! You can find it on Amazon for just $4.99 (I think). I highly recommend you go buy one! I’m personally waiting on my paperback to come in.



2 thoughts on “We’re Making Progress!!!

  1. Congratulations on the progress for Minstrel. I enjoyed the HQ version of the update, as always. =)

    “No changes have been made to the plot so dead characters are still dead.” 😂😂😂😂😂

    Just bought the book, can’t wait to read it (and review it! 😉


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