Hi guys!

My name is Malachi and I am first and foremost a servant and worshiper of the King and Lord of creation, Jesus Christ, and want to please, honor, and serve him in all I do.

I’m a home-schooled student and aspiring author that lives with my parents, grandma, and six siblings in Buckeye, AZ. I love my family, church, and the desert so much I have no intention of ever moving.

I’ve participated in Nanowrimo twice (completed it both times), done Camp Nano once (didn’t quite finish), have printed but not published one book, and have two more I’m working on that I hope to publish.

I like writing, reading, playing Frisbee (A lot), wood working, Bible studies, working with my Dad, airsofting, swordfighting, hiking, camping, generally doing stuff with my friends, and too much other stuff to count.

My intent for this blog is to be a writing/random blog, so there’ll be a huge variety of posts, hopefully every week, if I have enough stuff to write about.

Most importantly, I want to glorify God in everything I say, do, or write. I pray this blog will convey that fact clearly.

You can find more of me and my writing at Noble Novels, or if you’re a Wrimo you can find me at my page here (here if your a Camp Wrimo), or if you do goodreads you’ll see me occasionally, but not often. Someday soon you’ll see my books, Lord willing, on the Generation Rising website, but as of yet I just help out the others.


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