Secret Report

Lightning flashes, lighting up the world around you and reflecting off the glass windows in front of you as you hurry towards the entrance of the Mission HQ Building. The torrential rain has already soaked through your "waterproof" coat, and the wind tore your umbrella to shreds. You run the last few yards to the … Continue reading Secret Report


Tense Landing

I puffed out my breath and ran my hands through my hair. College. College from now until the end of the year. Having summer break only reminded me of how much I don't like schoolwork. "It won't be that bad," I told myself as I hit the down button on the Mission HQ elevator to … Continue reading Tense Landing


"Of only moderate quality; not very good." That is the Oxford definition for mediocre. You could use another expression, except it's kind hard to write, because it's not usually considered a word. The expression is "Meh," and is usually accompanied by a shrug. I know what you may be thinking. "Why on earth are you … Continue reading Mediocre

Catching Up

Okay, y'all. I have been super busy recently. I thought I wouldn't since I was on summer break, but then I got the opportunity to work with my Dad's company over the summer doing construction. It's been a lot of fun, but has left me very little time for writing. So real quick I'm gonna … Continue reading Catching Up