"Is it on?" Allen's voice crackled over the radio. "The red light is blinking." "Yep, it's on," Nate's voice confirmed. "Go ahead, Max." "This is SUPREME HEADQUARTERS ALLIED EXPEDITIONARY FORCE," Max's voice began. "Max, I thought we were just Mission HQ," Nate''s voice objected. "So did I," Allen said. "It's more exciting this way, Nate, … Continue reading SUPREME HEADQUARTERS ALLIED EXPEDITIONARY FORCE


Reformation and No Nano

The instant I entered the Mission Control office I could tell something was wrong. Usually there was the clack and clatter of keyboards, the steady beeping of the progress monitors, and the sound of jovial conversation between my officers. Today it was ominously silent. Max, Nate, and Allen sat motionless in their chairs, their faces … Continue reading Reformation and No Nano