AFHE Convention 2019

This weekend was the AFHE convention and we had our Generation Rising booth again this year. As usual, it was a blast! We had 13(?) books from seven different authors, as well as having two Gen Rising unpublished writers with us. I finally figured out the issue with The Mysterious Case of $12.52 and ordered … Continue reading AFHE Convention 2019


When It Hits Home

Life. Happiness. Love. We take them for granted all the time. So what do you do when loved ones are snatched from you? What do you do when happiness is shattered by the black clouds of grief? What do you do when death visits close to home? What do you do when all this happens, … Continue reading When It Hits Home

Catching Up

Okay, y'all. I have been super busy recently. I thought I wouldn't since I was on summer break, but then I got the opportunity to work with my Dad's company over the summer doing construction. It's been a lot of fun, but has left me very little time for writing. So real quick I'm gonna … Continue reading Catching Up