Daunting Challenge

I sit down at my laptop after a long week of work with a noble thought in my mind: work on my book. The Minstrel is currently sitting at the beginning of the second (or is it third?) draft, all ready for the next set of revisions. With a whopping 136,848 words, this book is … Continue reading Daunting Challenge

Working Man

Well y'all, there's good news and bad news; The good news is that I am OFFICIALLY GRADUATED! I have finished and conquered the monster of academia, and in the end I found out that it was actually just there to help me all along. I actually triple graduated, since I finished my homeschool education, my … Continue reading Working Man

A Quick Rant

Hear's to the un-dead! No, I don't mean zombies. I mean the survivors, the resurrects, the you-should-be-dead-but-somehow-aren't characters of literature. 'Tis a brilliant work of authordom to kill a character, get an emotional response from readers, and then have them "come back" and not be dead, only to get another emotional response. From the great … Continue reading A Quick Rant