Book Spotlight for Jayne’s Endeavor

"Drum roll please," Max said in a grand voice, and Levi immediately responded by beating a staccato on a snare drum. "Nate, get ready with the spotlight," Max whispered. Nate gave a thumb up that was lost in the almost complete darkness of the theater room of Mission HQ. All of the characters and staff … Continue reading Book Spotlight for Jayne’s Endeavor

My Personal Favorites

Hi y'all, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned these books before on occasion, but I decided I'd list some of my favorite Indie books from my bookshelf that I think y'all should check out. I've generally listed them from my favorite moving down, but there would be a few cases where I'd have to rank stuff … Continue reading My Personal Favorites

A Quick Rant

Hear's to the un-dead! No, I don't mean zombies. I mean the survivors, the resurrects, the you-should-be-dead-but-somehow-aren't characters of literature. 'Tis a brilliant work of authordom to kill a character, get an emotional response from readers, and then have them "come back" and not be dead, only to get another emotional response. From the great … Continue reading A Quick Rant

Back in Action

"COVID-19? What is that?" Nate asked as he looked over his computer screen. "I'm seeing it everywhere!" "They also call it the coronavirus," Max commented, spinning his desk chair around. "Apparently it's some kind of aggressive flu. I think people have been panicking about it a bit. Stores are sold out of toilet paper, hand … Continue reading Back in Action