Writer’s Block Strikes Again!

"Arrahhhghh!" I exclaimed, throwing my pen across the room at the stats screen for Operation Redemption. "Why won't things just get moving! We're finally in the low point, for crying out loud, and we're stuck!" "We'll get it moving soon," Allen said, trying to be helpful. "During Operation Flame we..." "That's the other problem!" I … Continue reading Writer’s Block Strikes Again!


Finals Prep Mutiny

"Call to arms!" I exclaimed as I burst through the door to Mission HQ. "Fall out! Man your battle stations!" "What's the problem?" Max demanded, jumping to his feet. "Are we going to work on writing?" Allen asked excitedly. "Did Writer's Block get out?" Nate questioned, flinging open his desk drawer and pulling out a … Continue reading Finals Prep Mutiny