Hey guys! Merry Christmas!

This is gonna be a shorter post because I got stuff going on with my family today, but I just wanted to stop real quick to remind us what Christmas is all about.

Sometimes it’s real easy to get caught up with the presents and the tree and the hot chocolate and lights, and to forget why we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is the time we stop to remember the amazing miracle of God becoming man, and coming as a baby to be born in a humble stable. We’ve heard the story so often that we forget sometimes the true amazingness of the incarnation. That Immanuel was born. God with us!

But it’s also important to remember what Christmas was for. The whole point was for him to go to the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. Christmas is about good Friday. Christmas was to look forward to Resurrection Sunday. The whole reason Christ came to earth was to pay for the sins of mankind, that we might be reconciled to God!

So keep in mind, as you think about the baby in the manger, that he was also the man on the cross. And that’s what Christmas is all about.

Merry Christmas

~Malachi Cyr

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