Mission HQ Team

This page is under construction. When complete, it will have a little about everyone on the Mission HQ team to let y’all get a little more acquainted with them.

Levi is the main character from The Minstrel. His comes from  Gloucestershire county in southwest England during middle ages, around 1430 A.D. He tends to be more quiet than the other officers, but still has spunk and spirit when it is called for. His character is rather complicated, and by turns he is solemn and contemplative or jovial and humorous. To see more of his profile, click here.

Allen is the main character from Through All Things. He is originally from colonial New York State during the French and Indian War (1756~1763). He is currently the most junior officer introduced to readers, yet the first one to be introduced in a fictional work. Although generally compliant and helpful in the control room, he is adamantly opposed to certain HQ policies on killing off characters, and isn’t afraid to express his opinion. To see more of his profile, click here.

blank-profile-picture-973460_1280 Nate is the MC from Mission HQ’s unpublished debut novel, Agent C. Originally an FBI Agent, he now works as one of the leading officers for MHQOC. He is certainly the most vocal in is opinions of HQ’s policies, despite the fact that he is not part of a published work (a condition which he is constantly pushing to have remedied). He and his best friend Max can rightly be considered the life of Mission HQ, lightening up the often difficult work by their humor, spunk, and good-natured fun.

blank-profile-picture-973460_1280 Max is the most senior officer in Mission HQ, and also is originally from Agent C. Although he’s often fun loving and a jokester, he also knows very well how to be serious and tough when the situation requires it. He is devoted to the well being of Mission HQ, and will do whatever is best for it, even if that means going around the normal authority structure.