What is this?

To Whom it may concern,

You may be wondering what is behind the password protected door labeled Top Secret. The truth is it’s top secret information about past and future story ideas, what the Commander’s thoughts are about them, and possibly character profiles (although we haven’t found those yet.)

The password is top secret, and it would be tantamount to betrayal if we were to tell you, but we can tell you how to get it without breaking trust. The access code always comes from one of our books, and right now it can be found in Allen’s adventures, Through All ThingsThe access coordinates are  TAT P339 Ln11 W4. (Hint: P=page, Ln=line, W=word. this is a case-sensitive pass code.)

Please keep this information under your cap, as failure to do so may cause disastrous consequences.


The Mission HQ Officer Corps (MHQOC)