Behold! The Great Sale!

This is not me. Well, technically it is, but not the way you think. You see, I'm not really writing this, because I have already written it, because I am not here to write it, because I am on a glorious vacation over Thanksgiving!!! This is what is called a ghost post, a scheduled post, … Continue reading Behold! The Great Sale!

Guess What!?

Ok, this is going to be brief because I need all the time I can get for productivity, but I just wanted to let anyone out there who cares know that I am actually working on my book again! I just finished reading through chapter 5 of 60, and I hope by the time I'm … Continue reading Guess What!?

Working Man

Well y'all, there's good news and bad news; The good news is that I am OFFICIALLY GRADUATED! I have finished and conquered the monster of academia, and in the end I found out that it was actually just there to help me all along. I actually triple graduated, since I finished my homeschool education, my … Continue reading Working Man