Still Alive

Nate stepped up to the podium and tapped the mic to see if it was on. Max gave him a thumbs-up from the sound booth and Nate cleared his throat. "We've gathered you all here," he said to the group of reporters that crammed the room, "To make an official statement regarding the rumors that … Continue reading Still Alive


New Secrets

"Wow, this whole building is bigger than I thought," Ben commented as he and Charlie descended the stairs into the basement. "I wish we had brought Behr with us." "Oh, you know how he is now," Charlie laughed. "More fond of a nap than a walk. Remember how he used to carry you around?" "Of … Continue reading New Secrets


I am currently sitting in class, bored. I'm finished with my assignment and am just waiting for the bell to ring. Someone had the idea to listen to music while we worked and so I've been having to listen to my classmates choice of "music." (No body but Chad seemed to like my choice of … Continue reading Celebrate!

Libster Award

"Wait, we got nominated for another award?" Allen asked, sitting up straight. "Actually, I believe this is the fourth time we have been nominated," I replied. "I've just never got around to having us answer." "Well, why are we doing it this time?" Nate asked. "Because we're going to break all the rules we don't … Continue reading Libster Award