I Can Neither Confirm nor Deny…

To whom it may concern,

This is Second Lieutenant Nate Billings of the Mission HQ Officer Corps. This is not an officially sanctioned press release, but after consultation with my fellow officers, I believe that I am justified in making this short statement.

The Commander is still alive for any of you who may have wondered, considering his long silence. He has been very busy with work and various sundry classes he is taking (not college classes yet), as well as trying to spend more time with his family. Today, however, while waiting for his vehicle to be repaired, he came into the Mission HQ building and locked himself in the office, leaving us officers outside. From what we can gather, he is working on ideas for a new book, considering the fact that The Minstrel is still at the editor’s.

We have checked Office 62 and it appears one of the files is missing. Without that information, we really can’t give you any details on the new work. It seems that it is being kept under wraps, since the whole officer team has been locked out of the Headquarters office. A single sticky note was found with To Steal a Life, Tyler’s Story, and Wanted written on it.

Only one gun is missing from the armory, so clearly this isn’t going to be an action adventure. Subject mater also seems to be heavier and closer to home than most of our previous works.

First Lieutenant Jeremy Maxwell just reported that the information he was able to obtain from Dr. Google indicate that the internet bot has been used to research information such as ER Nurse, RN vs BSN, Surviving an Abortion, how can someone get a birth certificate if they weren’t issued one at birth and several other related terms, leading the officer team to assume this is going to be some sort of pro-life book. The character quarters next door have had rooms added for a certain Jarret Erickson, and an unrecognized voice has been heard from inside the Mission HQ office, believed to be this same Jarret.

Other information is not available at this time.

Reminder that this is not an officially sanctioned message from the MHQOC. Consider this the work of the rumor mill. I can neither confirm nor deny the information released as being factual or properly guided.


Second Lieutenant Nathaniel Billings, Mission HQ Officer.

5 thoughts on “I Can Neither Confirm nor Deny…

  1. Thank you, Second Lieutenant Billings! You have certainly done the Commander a favor by starting the excitement over the next book. Thank you for sharing what you could, and I think we’ll be impatiently waiting to hear an official press release.



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