Worth The Telling

Well folks,

I wanted to let you all know some very exciting news. Operation Redemption, the long fought-for epic project from our very own Mission HQ has reached some very important milestones!

First off, we have a name! I have been wrestling over several titles in my mind. I had originally tagged this project with the name The Minstrel since that was literally the only thing I knew about this story when the project started. The Minstrel it remained all through the writing process and even on into editing, but I didn’t really think that was a grabby title. However, I got more and more used to it, and it almost began to fit. But then after some brainstorming and name ideas, I came up with a title that sounded like it would reach out and grab you. Legend’s Redemption was my grand choice of name. It encompasses the story, it tells a story in the title itself, and it’s just plain cool. However, I had a bunch of people throw a fit because they liked The Minstrel (including myself, btw). Then, a genius idea was put into my brother’s mind. Combine them. The idea was suggested a long time ago, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to because I’ve never done a subtitle before, but my dad mentioned that he liked it because they ideas in the two seem to contrast, peaking your interest to what the book is about. So, ladies and gents, here is the title!

The Minstrel:

A Legend’s Redemption

I kind of like the look of that, even in basic computer text like that.

Second announcement is that we have just completed the fifth draft! I was a bit surprised too, but here’s how we count it.

  1. Began the book and made it halfway through before deciding to keep the characters, concepts, and some of the scenes, but start back at square one.
  2. Wrote the actual body of the current novel, with the help of two of my friends as Alpha Readers. Toyed around with some basic edits.
  3. Read through it with my family, marked their suggestions, and went back through and edited.
  4. Sent to my Beta readers, let them tear it to bits, and patched it back together.
  5. Sent it to my editor, compiled a list of her suggestions, then worked on it.

So that’s my count. I may have had one more edit in there of me just reading through it, so we might be on number six already. Either way, I just sent it back to my editor, so we’re all set for round two of total war on my book.

Does anybody else feel like that’s what the editing process is?

The third milestone for this book is the absolute size. It is crazy massive! As of the last edit, I checked the wordcount, and it turned out to be 143,727 words long! I was completely blown away. For you non-authors who don’t count words in books, here’s some reference.

My previous two novels totaled 75,528 (Through All Things) + 65,317 (Agent C) = 140,845 words.

Some quick math showed me that 143,727>140,845, meaning The Minstrel is longer than both combined! The ESV New Testament is only 179,011 words. My book is only 35,284 words shorter than the New Testament.

Now, I know you guys don’t care about numbers, but when I saw that, I had to ask myself, “Is this worth it? Is my story worth reading?” I mean, if you skipped Mark and Luke, you could read the whole New Testament in the time it takes to read my book. I had to question if I had something worthwhile. A story worth telling. Is there good here, or have I been wasting my time for the past three years?

It was a serious question. You see, not many people end up reading my books. Less than half of the people following this blog may possibly read it, and maybe ten or fifteen other people. I’m not a super popular writer, and I don’t really have the base or the time or the incentive to become one. Because of that, I want my books to impact each and every person who reads them in a positive way. A way that will stick with them as they go back to their life in the real world. A way that will draw them closer to God. If I haven’t done that, then I believe that no matter how many books I sell or how many reviews I get, I’ve failed.

So that was what I was asking myself as I worked on this book. And as I finished reading through it again, I think I can honestly answer, yes. I believe that this book, with all the work I have put into it, will be something that in a small way, affects this world for good. A story worth the telling.

And that makes me happy.

Oh, and I finished the draft just in time for the end of 2020. Hooray. Yippee. Yay. I accomplished one of my goals. Maybe it wasn’t the worst year ever.

Goodbye, y’all.

Goodbye, 2020.

Malachi Cyr

P.S. This post is very unedited. If you catch issues with it, just comment and I’ll see and fix the issue. I personally have to approve each comment anyway. Thank you, Suzie, for catching that I had accidentally substituted god for good and the like in the last post.

5 thoughts on “Worth The Telling

  1. Is there any way you can make The Minstrel into two books? I am sure you have thought about it, but series are quite popular. A natural pause at “the Minstrel”, and the second book is the Legend Redemption? Just a thought – that is a monster of a book to edit for sure.

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    • I have thought of that, and unfortunately I’ve found that there isn’t really a place near the middle where one could naturally end and the next one begin… It is a cool thought, and maybe if I put a bit more work into it I could break it up. I’d have to tho about it more.

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