Another Day at the Office

“How’s it going?” I asked as I entered the Mission HQ Office.

“We’re stuck,” Allen sighed as he stared blankly at the progress chart. “This scene just isn’t going how we want it.”

“And I’m not sure that the overhaul did any good to Harry,” Max added. “We might need to go back over and give him back some of his original self.”

“I wish I could help, but school starts in two hours,” I said.

“And what will you be doing until then?” Nate demanded.

“Uh…well, I guess I could help until then, although there was…”

“Another one of those time wasters that you want to stop doing,” Nate laughed. “Man up and use your time well.”

“Oh, by the way, an email came for you from your instructor,” Max said. “She gave you a 45 out of 50 on that speech. She said you didn’t have a conclusion.”

“What? I thought I had a clear and good conclusion!” I sighed, dropping into a chair. “That’s what I get for spending all that time in the non-fiction room.”

“She gave you 30 out of 30 on your outline,” Nate reminded. “And your overall grade is still an A. That’s better than I ever got in anything but athletics.”

“Hey, I think I got unstuck,” Allen reported. “We’re making progress again.”

“What’s happening out there right now?” Nate asked.

“Uh, let’s see,” Allen said, picking up a clipboard and reading over it. “Looks like *name removed* just died.”

“That’s sad,” Nate sighed. “Why does everyone have to die?”

“It’s part of the job,” Max reminded. “We’re writers, remember?”

“He’s a writer,” Allen sighed bitterly. “We’re just characters. I never would have killed *name removed for those who haven’t read TAT*”

“None of us would have,” Max agreed, tossing a wad of scrap paper across the room and into the trash. “But this guy wasn’t everyone’s favorite this time.”

“He was still a character,” Allen grumbled as he glanced at the clipboard again. “And just as he had a chance to reform!”

“Well, at least it’s not Duncan,” Nate said. “I like that guy.”

“I hate to break it to you, but an author friend of mine has called his fate into question,” I sighed. “I don’t really want to kill him, but it might be necessary for the advancement of the book.”

“You’re a monster,” Max sighed. “You tried to kill me back in Agent C!”

“But you refused to die,” Nate added with a grin.

“Can we talk about something else?” Allen asked.

“Sorry,” I apologized. “Hey, how are those character sketch files coming?”

“They’re not. Micah hasn’t been working on them recently.”

“Well, we’ll have to get him re-motivated,” I decided. “I’m off to talk to him right now.”

“Don’t be late for class,” Max warned.

I shot him a thumbs up as I exited the office and headed downstairs towards the main exit door. I grab an umbrella on the way out, and you had better too, since it’s pouring words and ideas outside. 


7 thoughts on “Another Day at the Office

  1. “Pouring words and ideas” — that is way funnier than it should be after a long day of helping with grandparents =) Your posts are always encouraging after a stressful day with two people I love dearly, but basically have to “mother”. Even though they are my grandparents. Which makes it even harder to do what I need to do and balance being respectful and being firm…..anyways. This brought a welcome bout of laughter, so thank you!

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