Libster Award

“Wait, we got nominated for another award?” Allen asked, sitting up straight.

“Actually, I believe this is the fourth time we have been nominated,” I replied. “I’ve just never got around to having us answer.”

“Well, why are we doing it this time?” Nate asked.

“Because we’re going to break all the rules we don’t like,” I answered.

“Sounds fun,” Max grinned.

“Here, you read the list and I’ll answer the questions,” I said, handing a clipboard to Max.

“Okay. Ahem,” he cleared his throat. “The first rule is to thank the person that nominated you.”

“I’ve already forgotten who all nominated us,” I sighed.

“I know Maggie at The Poet under the Sidewalk did it this time,” Nate commented.

“Very well. Thank you Maggie and anyone else who nominated us,” I said. “What’s the next rule?”

“Answer the questions they gave,” Max read.

“What are the questions?” Allen asked.

“Lemme see,” Max said as he flipped over the page of the clipboard. “Number one is ‘if you went for a random drive where would you most likely end up?'”

“Probably West-Mec,” I said, “I’ve accidentally driven halfway there when I meant to go somewhere else.”

“I’d end up at the Vicroy’s house,” Nate grinned. “I’ve done that before by accident.”

“I think commander is supposed to answer these,” Max reminded. 

“Oh, yeah, sorry,” Nate sighed.

“Question number two is, ‘do you like talking on the phone?’

“No,” I grinned. “Next question?”

“Name one of the best books you’ve read since January 1st 2018,” Max read.

“Other than the Bible?” Allen clarified.

“It doesn’t say, but we’ll go with that,” I decided. “I’d say The Lamplighter. Hands down.”

“That was a good one,” Nate agreed.

“Next question is, ‘a favorite song this month?'” Max recited. “Man, this person has bad grammar.”

“Don’t get started,” Nate reproved, hiding a grin.

“One Day More would be my favorite song this month. And next month. And the month after that,” I answered. “But there is one called The Green Fields of France that is pretty close.”

“‘what’s the most meaningful thing a stranger could say to you?'”

“He doesn’t talk to strangers,” Allen noted.

“I’ll stick with that answer,” I shrugged. “Although we could find something really deep and impactful they could say.”

“‘mud fight or movie night?'” Max read.

“Mud fight any day,” I said. “But we’d better hurry this thing up. We’ve got Operation Redemption waiting for us to finish.”

“‘if you had to listen to music from one group, all day, which group would you chose?'”

“High Kings.”

“‘who’s your favorite person to write with?'”


“‘who’s your favorite person in general?'”


“‘what book holds some of your favorite memories – unrelated to the story?'”

“Martin Rattler or The Giving Tree.”

“‘what would you give anything to do tomorrow?'”

“I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.”

“Okay, it looks like we’re done with that section,” Max announced. “Back to the rules. Number three states we have to tell eleven things about ourselves.”

“1.We are writers. 2.We are busy. 3.We go to West-Mec. 4.We are taking College courses. 5.We are looking forward to winter break. 6.We like airsofting. 7.We are cool. 8.We need to be writing right now. 9.We are out of time. 10.We are having difficulty fulfilling the libster award rules. 11.We decide to scrap the rules and move on,” I said.

“I guess that works,” Nate chuckled. “What’s up next, Max?”

“Nominate Eleven other Bloggers for the Award, and give them eleven questions to answer.”

“We don’t know eleven bloggers!” Allen exclaimed. “At least not ones who haven’t gotten the Libster award twelve and a half times already.”

“Well, I suppose that’s all we need to do for now, then,” I shrugged. “Boot up the progress tracker and lets get back to work. Levi is counting on us.”


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